Seaonus Refrigerated Services Mobile

1000 South State Docks Road,
Mobile, AL 36602

Phone: 504-416-6504

Email: info@enstructure.com

Mobile main port aerial.jpg

Seaonus Refrigerated Services Mobile is a full-service terminal that offers on-dock cold storage warehousing, blast freezing, handling, and dry warehousing services. Located on the Port of Mobile, the site features a 1,200 foot berth to load and unload temperature sensitive and ambient cargoes. Seaonus Refrigerated Services Mobile operates on 6 acres with 2,000,000 cubic feet of cold storage warehousing, 110,000 square feet of warehousing storage, over 7,500 pallet positions and on-dock rail access through CSX, NS, BNSF, KCS, and CN. The terminal primarily handles import and export frozen food products. It is the only on-dock warehouse for frozen and refrigerated cargo on the Gulf Coast.

Terminal Overview


  • Located in the Port of Mobile, Alabama

Cargo Handled

  • Steel

  • Metals

  • Lumber

  • Refrigerated and Frozen Foods


  • 6 acres

  • 1,200 foot berth

  • 110,000 square feet / 2,000,000 cubic feet of on-dock cold storage warehousing

  • 7,500+ pallet positions

  • FDA-approved, on-dock facility with dry storage, cold storage, blast freezing, and ancillary handling services (e.g., shrink wrapping, blocking, and bracing)

  • Rail connection through CSX, NS, BNSF, KCS, CN

Transportation Modes

  • Rail: Seaonus Mobile has direct rail connection to CSX, NS, BNSF and KCS, and connection to CN via Terminal Railway

  • Truck & Barge: Seaonus Mobile has the equipment, facilities and experience to load, unload, store and transport your bulk and breakbulk cargos by truck and barge

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