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Seaonus Cold Storage Jacksonville

2625 West 5th Street,
Jacksonville, FL 32254

Phone: 904-265-6868



Seaonus Cold Storage is an FDA-approved cold storage facility in Jacksonville, FL that provides 8.2 million cubic feet of racked, refrigerated, and frozen storage. The facility is uniquely equipped to meet the needs of import and export business and offers ready access to distribution by truck, rail, or ship. The 265,000 square feet warehouse features over 26,000 pallet positions and 13 blast cells capable of freezing products to -15 °F. In addition to storage, the facility offers shrink wrapping, blocking, and bracing, order picking consolidation services and bonded handling capabilities. 

Terminal Overview


  • Located in Jacksonville, FL, within six miles of Talleyrand Marine Terminal and Blount Island Marine Terminal

Cargo Handled

  • Poultry

  • Seafood

  • Fruit / Vegetables

  • Juice


  • 265,000 square feet / 8,200,000 cubic feet

  • 26,000+ pallet positions

  • 13 blast cells capable of freezing products to -15 °F

  • Rail connection through NS

Transportation Modes

  • Rail and Truck Transloading: With its proximity to the Jacksonville marine terminals and direct rail connection via CSX, Seaonus Cold Storage is well positioned to support inbound/outbound transport via truck, rail or ship

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